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"All great changes come from people who refused to get used to what was accepted but wasn't right." -Mr. Schue #glee
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GLEEKs! "Glee: The Music Celebrating 100 Episodes" is NOW on sale for $6.99 at @Target! Get your copy here: #Glee100
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Who doesn't love this guy?? #JonathanGroff #bestfriendintheworld
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Hyped to go wit @brodiesmith21 to see our homie @professor12 at the @ballup championship game.Polishing up my handle
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@fortunefunny You guys were AMAZING!!! It was my first Groundlings show!
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If you're determined to have a great day raise your hand
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RT @BambolaBambina: Had the best time with my baby girls @jennaushkowitz and @iamjessicaszohr at the @karifeinsteinpr……
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RT @RonanFarrow: My life is the lost seventh season of 'Moesha'.
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I never tweet bands I’m into cuz there’s too many & I suck at twitter. But I'm about follow a BUNCH so if you're curious- check em out.
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RT @Jtropper: My #ALSIceBucketChallenge: Thanks @diannaagron. I nominate @shawnlevydirect @ivanamilicevic & @stevele
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Glee Music Monday! Exclusive first listen of Opening Night's "Lovefool" & "I'm The Greatest Star"

GLEEks! All-new episode "Opening Night" airs tomorrow but you can listen to Lea Michele's performance of "Lovefool" on Pop Sugar and "I'm The Greatest Star" now on!

New Music from "Tested" Available Now!

GLEEks! Get ready for tonight's all-new episode with the new "Tested" EP available now!

"Tested" Track-list

Addicted To Love (Robert Palmer) / Artie

I Want To Know What Love Is (Foreigner) / Mercedes

Let's Wait Awhile (Janet Jackson) / Mercedes, Sam, Artie

Love Is A Battlefield (Pat Benatar) / Blaine & Kurt

NEW MUSIC from All-New "Bash" Episode!

Rachel takes the next step in committing to her role in "Funny Girl." Meanwhile, Kurt is the victim of an attack because of his sexual preference in the all-new "Bash" episode of GLEE airing tonight on FOX!

“Bash” Track-List

No One Is Alone (from Into The Woods) / Rachel, Blaine, Kurt, Sam & Artie

You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman (Aretha Franklin/Carole King) / Mercedes

Broadway Baby (from Follies) / Rachel & Blaine

Not While I'm Around (from Sweeney Todd) / Rachel, Blaine, Artie, Sam, Mercedes
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Exclusive Listen from this week's episode

Here's the first sneak peek from this week's episode! Head over to to listen to Amber Riley's "(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman"


GLEEKs! Are you ready for an all-new episode of GLEE tomorrow night!? Listen to the premiere of "Best Day of My Life" on USA Today! Also you can hear "Downtown" and "People" now on Wall Street Journal

New New York airs Tuesday at 8/9 pm ET/PT on Fox!

GLEE: The Music Celebrating 100 Episodes Available Now!

Gleeks! Still can't get over the amazing 100th episode from last week!? Well now you can take home all your favorite songs plus the new one's from tonight's "New Directions" episode on the new album GLEE: The Music Celebrating 100 Episodes!

GLEE: The Music Celebrating 100 Episodes available now!

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